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Ideally located just 15 miles southeast from downtown Houston, Texas, on historic Ellington Field, Southwest Airport Services is the premier F.B.O. capable of handling everything from general aviation to large corporate and industrial jet traffic without the hassles, backups and delays you’ll find at the other major commerical airports. We specialize in taking care of your needs.

Quick turnarounds, quality service and an experienced staff has made Southwest Services a regular stop for many large and small corporate flight departments. Just hit the deck and taxi in, we’ll take care of the rest!

Aircraft taxiing lineup
We’re the alternative in Houston to gate holds, endless taxiing to the
active and arriving at the departure runway as number 17 to go.


Basic Services:

24-hour / 365 Day Operations

Excellent customer service

Experienced ground support
Executive VIP lounge
First-class concierge
Crew transportation
Conference room
WiFi throughout facility

Crew cars

Shuttle services
Kitchen/Break room
Complimentary refreshments
Wireless Internet
Conference room
Flight planning/weather room
Pilots lounge
Crew sleep rooms
Customs/Agriculture available upon request

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